A Guide to Flossing Your Teeth

The benefits of flossing your teeth regularly can not be overlooked. Dental floss is essential in clearing plaques and food debris from the spaces between the teeth where toothbrush can not reach. You can go to a cheap dentist in Balmain for more information on proper flossing of teeth. Tooth floss therefore becomes essential in preventing periodontal or gum diseases, bad breath and tooth decay.

There are some certain factors to consider in order to maximize the benefits of flossing:

  • Use an inter-dental or dental floss cleaner everyday
  • Floss at least once everyday
  • Use the dental floss gently to avoid damaging gum tissue
  • Use a floss holder if the long threads of a regular dental floss are hard for you to hold

An Extensive Range of Dental Cleaning Products

Drug stores provide a wide variety of dental cleaning tools including:

  • Waxed and unwaxed dental floss
  • Inter-dental cleaning aids including special sticks and picks
  • Oral irrigators that use water to eliminate plaque stuck between teeth Mouth rinses.Waxed and unwaxed dental floss are efficient in cleaning the spaces between your teeth. For tight spaces, waxed floss glide more easily between them.

    Irrespective of the floss you choose, flossing daily is very important to your oral health. It is however advised that you should consult your dentist for recommendation on the best floss for your teeth.

    If you experience difficulties in handling the long pieces of floss due to vision difficulties, arthritis or discomforts, a floss holder or and inter-dental cleaning tool will be very helpful. Ensure you adhere to instructions or consult your dentist on how to use them properly in order to avoid hurting your gums.

    As much as oral irrigators are meant to remove the food particles caught between your teeth, they are not meant to replace tooth brushing or dental floss. Mouthwashes are also very important but are not effective on their own. Basically, mouthwashes are used to eliminated bad breath. However, there are some OTC mouthwashes that are approved by the ADA which prevent tooth decay, plaque, gingivitis and periodontal diseases.

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